Sebastian Bader: SAS 2021 Presentation 

MA1: Medical and Biomedical Applications

Metrology in eye pressure measurements

Visualization and Data Analysis for Intracellular Transport using Computer Vision Techniques

Preliminary investigation into low-cost stretch sensors for stomach deformation measurement

Detection of Mathematical Fluency Effects on Working Memory using Near Infrared Spectroscopy

A PPG-ECG Combo System for the Monitoring of the Aging State of Arteries

MB1: Internet of Things

CoAP + DTLS: A Comprehensive Overview of Cryptographic Performance on an IOT Scenario

A self-organizing efficient power generation system in extreme condition for Waggle

IoT Enabled Low Cost Air Quality Sensor

Modeling IoT Enabled Automotive System for Accident Detection and Classification

RTK-LoRA: High-Precision, Long-Range And Energy-Efficiency Localization for Mobile and Self-sustainable IoT devices

TA1: Smart Sensing: Machine Learning and Embedded Processing (Special Sessions)

Euclidean Distance based Loss Function for Eye-Gaze Estimation

An RGB/Infra-Red camera fusion approach for Multi-Person Pose Estimation in low light environments

Multi-modality sensor fusion for gait classification using deep learning

HR-SAR-NET: A Deep Neural Network for Urban Scene Segmentation from High-Resolution SAR Data

TPS: SAS 2020 Poster Session 

Adaptive Automatic Controller for Swing Assist by Pneumatic Artificial Muscle

Yield Process Control based on the Production Data

A comparative study of LSTM and ARIMA for energy load prediction with enhanced data preprocessing

Fabrication of a Pseudo-reference Electrode on a Flexible Substrate and Its Application to Heavy Metal Ion Detection

Short-Term Memory Based Online Learning Framework for Intelligent Sector Selection in IEEE 802.11ad

Analysis of smartphone sensor bias from an activity recognition experiment in the wild

An IoT-based Discrete Time Markov Chain Model for Analysis and Prediction of Indoor Air Quality Index

Design of Cyanobyte: An Intermediate Representation to Standardize Digital Peripheral Datasheets for Automatic Code Generation

Provisioning IEEE Smart Transducer Standards (P21451.1) to Include Health Metrics via HEDS

Development of Non-contact Composite Temperature Sensing (CTS) for photothermal Real-time quantitative PCR Device

A Novel Experimental Study to Enhance the Attentional State using EEG Signals

Exploitation of precise timing capabilities of single board computer for transcranial magnetic stimulation

A Radial Basis Function Technique for the Early Detection and Measurement of Hip Implant Loosening

S11 Calibration Method for a Coaxial-loaded Cut-off Circular Waveguide using SOM Termination

Mechanical Requirements for a Smart Inhaler Product

Phase based Time Resolved Reflectance Spectroscopy using Time-of-Flight Camera for Fruit Quality Monitoring

Model-based Calibration of a Magnetic Induction Spectroscopy System for Absolute Conductivity Measurement

Development of a Hand-held 3D Scanning Acoustic Camera

Indium Tin Oxide Films Based pH Concentration Sensor Fabrication and Verification Using Pulsed UV Laser Patterning Technology

Evaluation of a Digital Converter for Linear and Nonlinear Temperature Sensors

An Efficient Multi-AMR Control Framework for Parcel Sorting Centers

LifeCount: A Device-free CSI-based Human Counting Solution for Emergency Building Evacuations

Fingerprint-Based Visible Light Positioning using Multiple Photodiode Receiver

On the use of LoRaWAN for the Internet of Intelligent Vehicles in Smart City scenarios

A measurement system to investigate dielectric properties of flexible substrates for sensing applications

An insole 3D force sensor for gait analysis (Recent Results)

Long-Term Monitoring System for Marine Lobster Aquaculture in Vietnam (Recent Results)

Blind Separation of Doppler Human Gesture Signals Based on Continuous-Wave Radar Sensors (TIM @ SAS 2020)

TA2: MEMS and Nano-Sensors 

Fabrication of Tin Oxide Based Gas Sensor in Ethanol Gas Sensing

Dual-axis Lorentz Force MEMS Magnetometer

Fail-Operational Shock Detection and Correction of MEMS-based Micro-Scanning LiDAR Systems

Design, Modeling and Simulation of MEMS Resonator for Humidity Sensor Application

Effect of Oscillator Phase Noise on Synchronous Demodulation Measurement Systems for Sensing Applications

TB2: Remote Sensing and Sensors Networks 

Multi-Purpose Marine Sensor Buoy

Long Range Nuclear Radiation Monitoring System using LPWAN Technology

CIG based Stress Identification Method for Maize Crop using UAV based Remote Sensing

Solving Surveillance Coverage Demand Based on Dynamic Programming

Evaluation of a Bespoke Antarctic Meteorite Detection System in Polar Operating Conditions

TA3: Innovative Sensing

Towards Plastic Optical Fiber Magnetic Field Sensors exploiting Magnetic Fluids and Multimode SPR-POF platforms

A novel approach to optically distinguish plastics based on fluorescence lifetime measurements

Disposable Sensor Devices Fabricated by Paper Crafting Tools

Detecting Powerline Noise with Low-Cost Noise Sensors for Power Outage Mitigation

Green Nonlinear Energy Harvester from Vibrations based on Bacterial Cellulose

TB3: Smart Agriculture and Smart Buildings 

Design of Low Cost Programmable LED Lighting System for Smart Buildings

Cloud based Low-Power Long-Range IoT Network for Soil Moisture monitoring in Agriculture

Multisensor device for emergency recognition in smart building environment

Acoustic Identification of Grape Clusters Occluded by Foliage

Device Free Localization with Capacitive Sensing Floor

WA1: Robotics, Automation and Data Fusion 

Context-Aware Sensor Adaption of a Radar and Time-of-Flight Based Perception Platform

A Comprehensive Study of Performance-Autonomy Tradeoff on Smart Connected Glasses

Robust hand tracking method by synchronized high-speed cameras with orthogonal geometry

Sensor Fusion for Analysis of Gait under Cognitive Load: Deep Learning Approach

Measurement Platform for Physical-Layer Analysis of Industrial and Automotive Ethernet

WB1: Sensors for Smart Mobility 

Initial Evaluation of Vehicle Type Identification using Roadside Stereo Microphones

Location Sensing using QR codes via 2D camera for Automated Guided Vehicles

Coarse Object Tracking Technique for Point Clouds

Accurate Perception for Autonomous Driving: Application of Kalman Filter for Sensor Fusion

Enabling Live State-of-Health Monitoring for a Safety-Critical Automotive LiDAR System

WA2: Nonlinear Sensing: From Materials to Systems (Special Session)

A Multi-Jerk Equation Emulator Circuit Exhibiting Various Chaotic Behaviours

A Digital Signal-Conditioner for Resistive Sensors and its Utility for Linearizing GMR-based Magnetometer

Feasibility study of fiber taper acoustic sensor by utilizing time domain reconstruction

Demonstration of a Nonlinear Angular Rate Sensor based on Internal Resonance